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Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence (JCHAI) formerly Judith Creed Homes for Adult Independence was founded in 1987 by parents of adults with disabilities who knew that their children needed a caring environment for them to live and learn to live as independently as possible. Almost thirty years later, JCHAI has grown into a multi-faceted organization with cutting-edge inclusive, supportive vocational programs and residential options that serves close to 150 people throughout the community.

JCHAI encourages and assists individuals to develop their independence, work skills and daily living skills, while their lives are enriched with an array of opportunities to be active within the great community.

JCHAI offers a range of independent living support services, including a Supportive Apartment Program and in-home community based services with JCHAI At Home. JCHAI also offers a young adult Transitions Program with classes and outings geared to teach all the skills necessary to live independently in the community.

Family members can relax and feel comfortable knowing that their child or sibling is living successfully in the community with supports to make it possible. Opportunities for cultural, religious, and social enrichment abound for those who participate in programs with JCHAI.

If you want to inquire further about our services, please contact JCHAI at 610-667-7875. We’d love to hear from you!

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