Career Success

Careers provide opportunities to do meaningful work that benefits individuals, families, and communities. JCHAI works with members to gain the work experience they need to establish long-term employment alongside neurotypical professionals.

Our credentialed counselors create targeted career plans to help members participate in meaningful work and gain greater financial independence. When they’re ready, we teach our members how to build a resume, apply for a job, and navigate the interview process.

The fulfillment our members receive from meaningful work, and our employment success rate speak for themselves. 

JCHAI’s members who want to work have an 83% competitive integrated employment average compared to the national average for people with disabilities of 30%. We’re proud of how our staff and our members are redefining what’s possible for adults with disabilities in our community.

Working Alongside Neurotypical Professionals

We rely on the same tools as neurotypical emerging professionals to develop skills and secure employment, negotiate compensation and benefits, and onboard to their new career path.


Support for Employers

JCHAI counselors work alongside employers and provide integrated employer training opportunities to ensure they’re prepared to foster cultures of inclusion and belonging where our members can thrive.


Get Involved

We invite you to become a part of the JCHAI community. Together, we’ll redefine what’s possible for individuals with developmental differences or disabilities and empower independence within a community of care.

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