Social Connections



Creating and maintaining social bonds is core to our health and happiness. People of all abilities need to feel a part of a community to reach their fullest potential. JCHAI serves as that connection, bringing members together to build meaningful relationships and life-long friendships.

Turning Social Connections into Meaningful Relationships


Our member-centered model of care goes beyond cognitive and physical health to focus on emotional and social well-being. We provide members with opportunities to build and foster important social connections with other JCHAI members and within our Philadelphia-area community.

There is no shortage of ways to connect with our community. The JCHAI events calendar is always packed with fun outings and get-togethers, like community dinners, sports watch parties, bowling outings, art tours, and our weekly JCHAI Connect events. There’s always an event, outing, or activity happening for every interest – with other JCHAI members or others in the community.

When Connecting with Others is Difficult, JCHAI is Here


Connecting with other adults can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable. For those who struggle to connect, JCHAI’s team helps to remove stress barriers that can stifle social interactions and create opportunities for genuine connection. By helping our members build strong social connections, we’re empowering them to live a life of happiness and fulfillment surrounded by friends and community.


Get Involved

We invite you to become a part of the JCHAI community. Together, we’ll redefine what’s possible for individuals with developmental differences or disabilities and empower independence within a community of care.

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